New beginnings

How can someone sum up the crazy year that has been 2020?

I am really grateful that I have not had the hardships that many people have suffered.

The isolation caused by the pandemic has been a huge blow to mental health.

Connection is the oxygen of recovery. The support of peers is vital in our quest to be the best we can be.

If you have started in recovery in 2020, then you have done it in difficult mode. You have done it in spite of many obstacles put in your way. If you have slipped then you got back up and tried again.

The recovery community needed to adapt and the move online had some negative aspects but also some positive ones.

It’s true online meetings are just not the same as face to face. Hugs and the sharing of tissues were common sights at LifeRing face to face meetings.

Online meetings meant that we could reach people who were living in remote areas.

Online meetings will not go away for this very reason.

So looking forward to 2021, I hope that people can endure the difficult start to the year, with the knowledge that things will eventually get back to normal.

January is typically a bad month for mental health. Now more than ever we need to support each other and be kind to ourselves.

I wish everyone who is on this journey a very hopeful new year.


  1. Very well said Michael thanks
    Having slipped in 2020 yes I got back on track with the fantastic help and support of this wonderful family that is LifeRing at home and abroad. Online will be with us for a very long time but that is good being able to reach those further afield.

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