LifeRing is a self help organisation, who help each other gain and keep recovery from addictive substances.

The LifeRing 3 – S Philosophy

The basic LifeRing philosophy is summarised in three words: Sobriety, Secularity, and Self-Help.


If you want to stay sober and in recovery, then you are welcome in LifeRing!

By sobriety, we mean complete abstinence from alcohol and other addictive drugs that are not medically indicated.

In LifeRing, people who once misused a variety of addictive substances work side by side on their recovery.


Your religion or lack of it remains your private business in LifeRing.

We do not use prayer or talk about religion.

Our recovery process relies on sober-to-sober connections with other people.

What is important is that each person takes responsibility for their own recovery and is available to give support to others.

Self Help.

We share ideas and insights through sober conversations, both in and outside of meetings.

From these discussions, we each build our own personal recovery plan, tailored to our particular background and needs.

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