Opening and closing statements

Opening Statement

Welcome to LifeRing.

LifeRing is a self-help support group for people who want to maintain their recovery from addiction.

We feel that in order to remain in recovery, we have to make sobriety the top priority in our lives.

By sobriety, we mean complete abstinence from alcohol and other addictive substances.

Out of respect for people of all faiths and none, we conduct our meetings in a secular way, which means that, during this hour, we do not use prayer or talk about religion.

We rely on our own efforts and on the help of group members and other friends.

Everything that we share at this meeting is completely confidential and stays in this room.

If you are under the influence of alcohol or other substances, we ask that you maintain silence at this meeting. You may speak with members afterward.

The meeting format is flexible. We generally begin by checking in and talking about our past week in recovery.

Next we focus on what we plan to do to stay in recovery in the coming week.

We encourage crosstalk throughout the meeting. By crosstalk we mean questions and positive, supportive feedback. Positive experiences from your own recovery are welcome.

Please allow enough time for everyone to participate by limiting your speaking time.


Please turn of your mobile phones

As stated in the Opening Statement confidentiality is very important in LifeRing.

In LifeRing we tend to use “I” statements rather than “you” statements and we avoid using “You should”.

We avoid “drunkalogs”, preferring to focus on where we are in our current recovery.

If there is anyone here for the first time, then you are welcome to just listen


If you would like to you can introduce yourself by your first name and tell us about yourself.

If you would prefer no crosstalk while you are sharing about your week, please say so at the start.

Please refrain from negative comments or discussion of other recovery methods.

Closing Statement

Recovery does not happen simply when substance abuse stops.

Recovery is achieved by creating a new life, where “using” is no longer an acceptable choice.

Otherwise, the factors that led to your addiction will eventually resurface.

You don’t have to change everything in your life… just almost everything.

Old habits, behaviours and associations will continue to bring trouble unless you let them go.

The more you try to hold onto the “old way”, the harder your recovery will be.

Many of us have drifted through Our lives without having to think about who we are, or what we want to be.

Addiction changes that. It forces us to “wake up”.

You have an opportunity to make changes that are both difficult and rewarding.

Take advantage of this opportunity and use it to fundamentally improve your life.

Don’t just stop using.

People in recovery often describe themselves as grateful.

Why would someone be grateful to have an addiction?

Because they realize that the process of recovery has helped them find out who this amazing person really is, and what a peaceful existence is all about.

LifeRing can help you achieve an active state of meaningful sobriety by empowering your Sober self.