What to expect at a meeting

If this is your first time at a lifering meeting then you will find a welcoming, non judgemental relaxed place to share with people who understand.

Group agreement

If we are under the influence of addictive substances we will stay silent, and wait to speak to the convenior after the meeting.

Any advice given will be in the form of what worked for ourselves.

We will use “I” statements, again avoiding “you should”

We will come from a position of empathy

We will agree to make statements with no ill will, and we will make an attempt not to take offense.

We will be aware of other peoples triggers and past trauma and keep to the forefront that we intend no harm for others and will be carefull of what we say to others.

The convenour has the right to warn or remove people who they see are inapropriate or aggressive, rightly or incorrectly.

We will not impose our own views on others.


This meeting is a safe space.

As such you may want to consider using your first name only and alter the displayed name in zoom.

Cameras must be on.

Confidentiality is paramount.

You don’t have to talk if you don’t want to

We generally go round the room and encourage people to talk about :

Last week and how it affected recovery

What is coming up next week and how it might affect recovery

Cross talk is encouraged

Positive, non judgemental feedback is welcome

We avoid the word ‘should’ It is better to say what helped in a similar situation

Stay in the present

We try to keep to last week and next week

We avoid talking about past ‘drunkalogs’

We move forward with positive recovery messages