LifeRing Alternative to steps

Many other resources start with the basic premise that they have the solution to your problems with addiction.

They are the authority figure and you are the student. If you do X, Y & Z then you will not relapse.

You may have to repeat steps X, Y & Z over and over, but if you stick with this loop then you will not relapse.

If you relapse it is because you strayed from the path.

LifeRing: zero step program

…… or no program at all really.

At LifeRing we do not assume anything about your situation, and we will not say what you should and should not do.

We can help you navigate your recovery so that you can figure out your own way.

Asking pertinant questions

If you go to a councellor, you will often find that you spend a lot of time talking, with the councellor actively listening and being inquisitive.

They are looking to explore what you are saying in a non judgemental way, so that you can come to your own realisations about the way forward.

Peers with lived experience

People in LifeRing are not councellors, we are peers with real lived experience with a similar background.

We use meetings to discuss challanges and celebrate victories in our recovery.

We ask questions of ourselves and others.

We don’t judge others plans for recovery, but we will be curious.

You will find that you will be listened to and people will be interested in your recovery.

How was your week?

How was your week is the question that we start from, but is usually used as a way of starting the conversation.

The best meetings are when this spawns a free flowing discussion of celebration or how to best navigate life’s struggles.

A group of people who are interested in each others way of thinking and how they could incorporate ideas into their own recovery.

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